Programme - 2017/2018 Film Season

Programme - 2017/2018 Season
Date Title Description
Mon 18 Sept
Tues 19 Sept
A United Kingdom The enduring love story of Seretse Khama, King of Botswana, and Ruth Williams, the English woman he married in 1948 in the face of fierce opposition from their families and governments. A celebration of the triumph of love and intelligence over intolerance and oppression.
Dir: Amma Asante /2016/USA,UK,Czech/Cert 12A - 111min
Mon 25 Sept
Tues 26 Sept
Maggie’s Plan In this delightfully wry romantic comedy, innocently manipulative Maggie realises that life is working out more or less according to her plan but she isn't happy. Why not? What meddlesome schemes will she concoct next?
Dir: Rebecca Miller /2015/USA/Cert 15 - 98min
Mon 16 Oct
Tues 17 Oct
The Salesman Farhadi won his second Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with this suspenseful drama in which a couple�s life together is thrown into turmoil by an act of violence. The husband begins his own investigation and is overcome by an increasing need for revenge.
Subtitles. Dir: Asghar Farhadi /2016/Iran,France/Cert 12A - 123min
Mon 23 Oct
Tues 24 Oct
Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words A captivating look behind the scenes of the remarkable life of the young Swedish woman who became on of the most celebrated actresses of American and world cinema.
Documentary: Subtitles. Dir: Stig Bjorkman /2015/Sweden/Cert PG - 114min
Mon 6 Nov
Tues 7 Nov
Queen of Katwe The true story of a young girl in rural Uganda whose world rapidly changes when she is introduced to the game of chess and with confidence and determination pursues her dream of becoming an international champion.
Dir: Mira Nair /2016/USA/Cert PG - 124min
Mon 20 Nov
Tues 21 Nov
Julieta Almodovar returns to his great subject, the emotional terrain and interior lives of women, with this study of a mother-daughter relationship. Julieta tries to explain the secrets she’s last thirty years.
Subtitles. Dir: Pedro Almodovar /2016/Spain/Cert 15 - 99min
Mon 11 Dec
Tues 12 Dec
Jimmy’s Hall In 1932 James Gralton returns to Ireland and reopens the community hall where young people can meet to dance, study and talk. But to the powers-that-be the hall is a hotbed for loose morals and subversive activity, and Jimmy’s influence is a threat that must be curbed.
Dir: Ken Loach /2014/Ireland,UK,France /Cert 12A - 109min
Mon 18 Dec
My Life as a Courgette Oscar-nominated for Best Animated Feature, this funny, engaging and moving film tells the story of 9-year-old ‘Courgette’s. Living in an orphanage after the death of his alcoholic mother, he wrestles with feelings about his complicated past and gains the confidence to shape his future. This film will be preceded by a short AGM and seasonal mulled wine with mince pies.
Subtitles. Dir: Claude Barras /2016/Switz,France/Cert PG - 66min
Mon 8 Jan
Tues 9 Jan
Lion Based on the true story of Saroo, a 5-year-old Indian boy who falls asleep on a stationary train, is locked in and ends up hundreds of miles from home. Eventually he’s adopted by an Australian couple. 25 years later the adult Saroo (Dev Patel) sets out to find his original family.
Dir: Garth Davis /2016/Australia,USA,UK/Cert PG - 118min
Mon 22 Jan
Tues 23 Jan
Le Quattro Volte Set in the fields around an ancient village in Calabria, this quietly mesmeric drama sees the turning of the seasons through the eyes of an ageing goatherd. Sharing equal billing are the goats in his charge (though the issue of who’s caring for whom is rather blurred) and his mischievously intelligent dog.
Subtitles. Dir: Michelangelo Frammartino /2010/Italy/Cert U - 88min
Mon 5 Feb
Tues 6 Feb
Priceless A charming, sexy romantic comedy set in the south of France. A beautiful, scheming opportunist (Audrey Tautou) mistakes a shy young barman for a millionaire. She discovers her error, but he has no intention of letting her get away.
Subtitles.Dir: Pierre Salvadori /2006/France/Cert 12A - 106min
Mon 19 Feb
Tues 20 Feb
Letters from Baghdad This fascinating documentary explores the extraordinary life of English writer, archaeologist, diplomat and spy Gertrude Bell who travelled extensively through the Middle East as a young woman and eventually wielded significant political power in British Imperial policy.
Dirs: Z Oelbaum, S Krayenbuhl /2016/UK,USA,Fr/ Cert PG- - 95min
Mon 5 Mar
Tues 6 Mar
The Fencer In post-WW2 Estonia a young man is training a group of children in the art of fencing, but the Russian secret police are closing in on him and he has to choose to let his students down or to put his life in danger.
Subtitles.Dir: Klaus Härö /2015/Fin,Estonia,Ger/Cert PG - 99min
Mon 19 Mar
Tues 20 Mar
Hunt for the Wilderpeople A comedy about an orphaned boy used to city life who’s left in the care of a foster family in rural New Zealand. When the rebellious lad and his foster uncle go missing in the wild bush, a national manhunt is ordered.
Dir: Taika Waititi /2016/NZ/Cert 12A - 101min
Mon 26 Mar
Tues 27 Mar
The Eagle Huntress In Mongolia’s Altai Mountains 13-year-old Aisholpan has created a stir among her isolated Kazakh tribe by seeking to become the first female to train an eagle and compete against seventy men in the annual Golden Eagle competition.
Documentary: English narration + subtitles. Dir: Otto Bell /2016/UK,Mongolia,USA/Cert U - 87min
Mon 16 Apr
Tues 17 Apr
Arrival An emotionally arresting, visually inventive sci-fi masterpiece. When mysterious spacecraft touch down across the globe, a team led by an expert in linguistics (Amy Adams) must find a way to communicate while uneasy governments consider military action.
Dir: Denis Villeneuve /2016/USA/Cert 12A - 116min