Programme - 2016/2017 Season

Programme - 2016/2017 Season
Date Title Description
Mon 19 Sept
Tues 20 Sept
Far from the Madding Crowd With an outstanding performance by Carey Mulligan, this moving and intelligent version of Hardy's novel gives the story and characters a subtly modern inflection, creating a relevant and thoroughly engaging drama. Dir: Thomas Vinterberg /2015/USA,UK/Cert 12A 119min
Mon 26 Sept
Tues 27 Sept
All is Lost Deep into a voyage in the Indian Ocean, his craft damaged by a collision, his navigation equipment and radio disabled, a lone yachtsman (Robert Redford) fights for survival against insurmountable odds. Dir: J. C. Chandor/2013/USA/Cert 12A 106min
Mon 17 Oct
Tues 18 Oct
The Dressmaker Kate Winslet stars in this bittersweet comedy as a dressmaker who returns to her outback home town and, armed only with her sewing machine and incredible sense of style, takes revenge on those who wronged her. Dir: Jocelyn Moorhouse /2015/Australia/Cert 12A 118min
Mon 31 Oct
Tues 1 Nov
The Kid with a Bike This compelling, insightful film follows the fragile, constantly-tested relationship between troubled 11-year-old Cyril, abandoned in a children's home by his father, and Samantha who fosters him at weekends. subtitles. Dirs: J-P & L Dardenne /2011/Belgium,France/Cert 12A 87min
Mon 7 Nov
Tues 8 Nov
Brooklyn The moving story of a young immigrant in 1950s New York who has to choose between her Irish homeland and the new promise of America; between the certainty of one suitor and the infectious dreams of another. Dir: John Crowley /2015/Ireland,UK,Canada/Cert 12A 112min
Mon 28 Nov
Tues 29 Nov
Mr Holmes In 1947 a long-retired, bee-keeping Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen) finds himself grappling with a 30-year-old unsolved case, using what remains of his detective skills to piece together his forgotten past. Dir: Bill Condon /2015/UK,USA/Cert PG 104min
Mon 5 Dec
Tues 6 Dec
Mustang In a Turkish village, five orphaned sisters are confined at home while they're prepared for arranged marriages, but their spirit can’t be broken as they chase a future where they can determine their own lives. Subtitles. Dir: Deniz Gamze Erguven /2015/Turkey,France/Cert 15 97min
Mon 12 Dec
Eddie the Eagle This film will be preceded by a short AGM and seasonal mulled wine with mince pies. The story of Michael Edwards, the British ski-jumper who never stopped believing in himself and won the hearts of sports fans around the world with his improbable showing at the 1988 Winter Olympics. Dir: Dexter Fletcher/2016/ UK,USA/Cert PG 106min
Mon 16 Jan
Tues 17 Jan
Hail, Caesar! A colourful recreation of 1950s Hollywood by the Coen brothers and an all-star cast. A studio fixer has to pull out all the stops to keep several films in production and their stars free from controversy. Dirs: Joel & Ethan Coen /2016/USA,UK/Cert 12A 106min
Mon 30 Jan
Tues 31 Jan
Like Father, Like Son A poignant, perceptive tale of the ebb and flow of paternal love, concerning two very different families who learn that their 6-year-old boys were inadvertently swapped at birth and agree to swap them back. Subtitles. Dir: Hirokazu Kore-eda /2013/Japan/Cert PG 121min
Mon 13 Feb
Tues 14 Feb
Suite Francaise Her husband a prisoner of war, a lonely Frenchwoman (Michelle Williams) begins a tentative romance with the refined German officer who has taken up residence in the house of her mother-in-law (Kristen Scott Thomas). Dir: Saul Dibb /2014/UK,France/Cert 15 107min
Mon 27 Feb
Tues 28 Feb
The New Girlfriend An audacious, elegant and witty melodrama. Claire has promised to watch over her deceased best friend's husband, but she's startled to discover how David is coping with his grief. Subtitles. Dir: Francois Ozon /2014/France/Cert 15 108min
Mon 6 Mar
Tues 7 Mar
Trumbo A thoroughly entertaining biopic of Oscar-winning screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, one of the 'Hollywood Ten' blacklisted in 1947 for their political beliefs. Brian Cranston plays Trumbo, and Helen Mirren columnist Hedda Hopper. Dir: Jay Roach /2015/USA/Cert 15 124min
Mon 20 Mar
Tues 21 Mar
The Daughter In this high-tension drama, a man returns to his home town for his father's wedding. Reconnecting with childhood friends and family, he unearths long-buried secrets that threaten to shatter lives. Dir: Simon Stone/2015/Australia/Cert 15 95min
Mon 3 Apr
Tues 4 Apr
Love & Friendship A deliciously sharp period comedy drama, based on Jane Austen's novella 'Lady Susan' - a tale of matchmaking and heartbreaking centred around a beautiful young widow. Dir: Whit Stillman/2016/USA/Cert U 93min
Mon 24 Apr
Tues 25 Apr
Bridge of Spies During the Cold War, an American lawyer (Tom Hanks) is recruited to defend a Soviet spy (Mark Rylance) in court, then to negotiate his exchange for the captured U2 spy plane pilot Gary Powers. Dir: Steven Spielberg /2015/USA/Cert 12A 141min