Programme - 2015/2016 Film Season

Programme - 2015/2016 Season
Date Title Description
Mon 14 Sept
Tues 15 Sept
The Theory of Everything The story of Stephen Hawking, the most brilliant and celebrated physicist of our time, and his first wife Jane, who met at Cambridge in the 1960s. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones are compelling leads in a moving study of exceptional strength and spirit. Dir: James Marsh /2014/UK/Cert 12A 123min
Mon 21 Sept
Tues 22 Sept
Pride A comedy starring Imelda Staunton and Bill Nighy, based on real events. During the 1984 miners' strike a group of gay rights activists descend on a Welsh village to offer the startled inhabitants their support. Dir: Matthew Warchus /2014/UK,France/Cert 15 120min
Mon 5 Oct
Tues 6 Oct
Ida 1960s Poland. A young nun about to take her vows makes contact with her only living relative, a free-living intellectual. Their encounter forces both women to confront the devastating truth of their family's past. Subtitles/B&W Dir: Pawel Pawlikowski /2014/Poland/Cert 12A 82min
Mon 19 Oct
Tues 20 Oct
The Day the Earth Caught Fire Nuclear testing has knocked the Earth off its axis and it's moving inexorably towards the Sun. Should the press join the cover-up or tell all and risk anarchy? One of the best British sci-fi dramas, HD-remastered at Berkhamsted's BFI National Archive. B&W. Dir: Val Guest /1961/UK/Cert PG 99min
Mon 2 Nov
Tues 3 Nov
The Past From the director of A Separation: Four years after deserting his French wife and her two children, an Iranian man returns to Paris to complete the divorce. He finds that he's part of a tangle of relationships that he couldn't have anticipated. Subtitles. Dir: Asghar Farhadi /2013/France,Italy,Iran/Cert 12A 130min
Mon 16 Nov
Tues 17 Nov
The Lunchbox In this romantic comedy-drama a mistaken delivery by Mumbai's famously efficient lunchbox service leads to an unhappy housewife and a lonely widower exchanging notes via the daily lunchbox. Gradually they share their memories, regrets, fears and even their small joys. Subtitles. Dir: Ritesh Batra /2013/India,France,Germany,US/Cert PG 105min
Mon 30 Nov
Tues 1 Dec
The Hunt A kindergarten teacher finds his life in turmoil when a pupil says something which leads to his being suspected of child abuse. This disturbing drama suggests how thin the veneer of civilization may be, how easily an hysterical desire for vengeance can displace rationality. Subtitles. Dir: Thomas Vinterberg /2012/Denmark,Sweden/Cert 15 115min
Mon 14 Dec
Chico and Rita This film will be preceded by a short AGM and seasonal mulled wine with mince pies. An epic animated story of music, love and heartbreak, set in the late 40s and early 50s. A gifted songwriter and a beautiful singer chase their dreams, and each other, from Havana to New York and Las Vegas. Subtitles. Dir: Javier Mariscal,Fernando Trueba,Tono Errando /2010/Spain,UK/Cert 15 94min
Mon 11 Jan
Tues 12 Jan
The Imitation Game Benedict Cumberbatch delivers a virtuoso performance in this drama based on the life of the legendary logician, mathematician and code-breaker Alan Turing, spanning his teenage years, his wartime work at Bletchley Park and the post-war years. Dir: Morten Tyldum /2014/UK,US/Cert 12A 114min
Mon 25 Jan
Tues 26 Jan
In the House Encouraged by his teacher, 16-year-old Claude begins writing stories about a friend's family which spark a series of uncontrollable events and change the lives of everyone involved. A comic social satire from the director of Potiche. Subtitles. Dir: Francois Ozon /2012/France/Cert 15 105min
Mon 8 Feb
Tues 9 Feb
Omar A young Palestinian routinely climbs the separation wall to meet his girlfriend or to strike at the Israeli military with his friends. Arrested, he agrees to work as an informant, but will he really betray his cause? Subtitles. Dir: Hany Abu-Assad /2013/Palestine/Cert 15 98 min
Mon 22 Feb
Tues 23 Feb
Village at the End of the World A witty, surprising portrait of an isolated Greenland village, surviving against the odds. In this astutely constructed documentary, we see how the economic and ecological future of the community is more fragile than its hardy inhabitants. Subtitles. Dir: Sarah Gavron /2012/Greenland/Cert 12A 82min
Mon 7 Mar
Tues 8 Mar
The Go-Between An innocent boy acts as messenger between the daughter of an affluent family (Julie Christie) and a local farmer (Alan Bates) while their clandestine love affair is thwarted by Edwardian prejudice and convention. Dir: Joseph Losey /1971/UK/Cert PG 111min
Mon 21 Mar
Tues 22 Mar
Nebraska A father and son steer the American road comedy into a vanishing Midwest on the trail of a dubious fortune - and find an understanding of each other that once seemed impossible. B&W. Dir: Alexander Payne /2013/US/Cert 15 115min
Mon 4 Apr
Tues 5 Apr
Wakolda Patagonia, 1960. A German doctor meets an Argentinian family who welcome him into their home and entrust their young daughter to his care, not knowing that he's not all he seems. Subtitles. Dir: Lucia Puenzo /2013/Argentina/Cert 12A 93 min
Mon 18 Apr
Tues 19 Apr
Cafe de Flore A love story about people separated by time and place but connected in profound and mysterious ways - a young mother with a disabled son in 1960s Paris and a recently divorced, successful DJ in present day Montreal. Subtitles. Dir: Jean-Marc Vallee /2011/Canada,France/Cert 15 120min
Fri 29 Apr
Supper Evening Put this date in your diaries!
Our Supper Evening film choice will be announced at the AGM on Mon 14th December 2015.
This is extra to the main programme and admission is by supper ticket only. Tickets may only be purchased by Members for themselves and their Guests and will be available about six weeks before the event.