Programme - 2013/2014 Film Season

Programme - 2013/2014 Season
Date Title Description
Mon 16 Sept
Tues 17 Sept
Argo The Oscar and BAFTA winning account of the CIA’s audacious life-or-death covert operation to rescue six US diplomats from Teheran during the 1979 hostage crisis. Dir: Ben Affleck /2012/US/Cert 15 - 120min
Mon 23 Sept
Tues 24 Sept
Untouchable The story of an unlikely friendship between a quadriplegic millionaire and his street-smart ex-con carer. On the surface the pair have nothing in common but they find a camaraderie rooted in honesty and humour. Subtitles. Dir: Oliver Nakache and Eric Toledano /2011/France/Cert 15 - 112min
Mon 7 Oct
Tues 8 Oct
About Elly From the director of the Oscar-winning A Separation : A group of friends on a trip to the coast find themselves in a labyrinth of conflicting social, gender, legal and religious norms when one of them goes missing. Subtitles. Dir: Asghar Farhadi /2009/Iran/Fr/Cert 12A - 118min
Mon 28 Oct
Tues 29 Oct
The Debt In 1965, three Israeli agents cross into East Berlin to apprehend a notorious Nazi war criminal. Thirty years later, the secrets the agents share come back to haunt them. Stars Helen Mirren, Tom Wilkinson, Sam Worthington Dir: John Madden/2010/US/UK/Hungary/Cert 15 - 113min
Mon 11 Nov
Tues 12 Nov
Amour Georges and Anne are in their eighties. They live a rich and fulfilling retirement until she suffers a stroke. As her health and ability to communicate decline, their love and relationship are tested to the limit.Subtitles. Dir: Michael Haneke /2012/Austria/Fr/Cert 12A - 127min
Mon 25 Nov
Tues 26 Nov
The Fairy In this madcap off-beat comedy, Dom searches high and low for Fiona, who has mysteriously disappeared after telling him she is a fairy and making two of his three wishes come true. Subtitles. Dir: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon and Bruno Romy/ 2011/France/Belgium/Cert PG - 93min
Mon 9 Dec
Tues 10 Dec
The Imposter An original film experience that walks the razor’s edge between true-crime documentary and stylish noir mystery. To his family’s joy, a teenage boy is found in Spain three years after disappearing from his home in Texas. But can his astonishing story be true? Dir: Bart Layton /2012/UK/Cert 15 - 98min
Mon 16 Dec
My Week With Marilyn This film will be preceded by a short AGM and seasonal mulled wine with mince pies. Struggling with the tensions of filming The Prince and The Showgirl with Sir Laurence Olivier, Marilyn Monroe finds solace in a young assistant director. Stars Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh, Eddie Redmayne. Dir: Simon Curtis/2011/UK/US/Cert 15 - 98min
Mon 6 Jan
Tues 7 Jan
Renoir Both Pierre Auguste the renowned painter and Jean the future giant of cinema are inspired by beautiful, wilful model Andree in this visually stunning film about artistic rivalry and the love between father and son. Subtitles. Dir: Gilles Bourdos/2012/France/Cert 12A - 111min
Mon 27 Jan
Tues 28 Jan
Even the Rain In Bolivia, while a film crew dramatizes 16th century oppression of the native population, around them civil and political unrest simmers over a multinational’s attempt to privatize the local water and sell it back to the descendants of those same people. Subtitles. Dir: Iciar Bollain /2010/Spain/Mex/Fr/Cert 15 - 103min
Mon 3 Feb
Tues 4 Feb
The Sapphires It’s 1968, and four young, talented Australian Aboriginal girls learn about love, friendship and war when they become soul group The Sapphires and travel to Vietnam to entertain the US troops. Dir: Wayne Blair /2012/Australia/ Cert PG - 103min
Mon 17 Feb
Tues 18 Feb
Chasing Ice National Geographic photographer James Balog crosses the Arctic deploying time-lapse cameras to capture a record of the world’s changing glaciers in hauntingly beautiful videos which compress years into seconds. Dir: Jeff Orlowski /2012/US/Cert 12A - 80min
Mon 3 Mar
Tues 4 Mar
Out in the Dark A young lawyer and an ambitious student fall for each other. But it’s Tel Aviv, one’s Israeli, the other Palestinian, and they’re gay. They’re confronted by the harsh reality of hostility between and within their communities. Subtitles. Dir: Michael Mayer /2012/Isr/Pal/US/Cert 15 - 96min
Mon 17 Mar
Tues 18 Mar
Beautiful Lies Audrey Tautou plays Emilie, who tries to cure her mother’s post-separation blues by inventing a mystery admirer for her, but weaves a web of lies that becomes more and more tangled. Subtitles. Dir: Pierre Salvadori /2011/Fr/Cert 12A - 104min
Mon 31 Mar
Tues 1 Apr
The Deep Inspired by true events, The Deep follows one seaman’s miraculous attempt to swim to safety in the battering and relentless ice-cold ocean after a fishing boat capsizes off the south coast of Iceland. Subtitles. Dir: Baltasar Kormakur /2012/Iceland/Cert 12A - 93min
Mon 7 Apr
Tues 8 Apr
The Source In a remote Arab village the women fetch water from a mountain-top spring in the blazing sun. Young wife Leila urges a love strike: no more sex until the men install running water. Subtitles. Dir: Radu Mihaileanu/2011/Begiuml/Italy/France/Cert 15 - 125min
Fri 25 April
Supper Evening Put this date in your diaries!
Our Supper Evening film choice will be announced at the AGM on Mon 16th December 2013.
This is extra to the main programme and admission is by supper ticket only. Tickets may only be purchased by Members for themselves and their Guests and will be available about six weeks before the event.